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[WE ARE HIRING] ChloBis Water is searching for a Senior Electrochemical Engineer

Job Title: Senior Electrochemical Engineer

Location: Madison, WI

US Work Authorization: Required

Full-Time Position

Salary: $95,000 - $140,000 (Based on level of experience)

Expected Start Date: May 1st, 2023

Job Description

About ChloBis Water

A staggering 800 million people currently lack sufficient access to fresh water, and global water demand is expected to increase by 70 percent over the next 30 years. At the same time, pervasive drought conditions, climate change, and anthropogenic activities are causing existing water sources to get saltier. Water desalination plays a central role in addressing issues related to both water scarcity and water quality. However, desalination is failing to live up to its full potential; the high energy requirements and the production of a concentrated waste product make desalination impractical for many applications.

ChloBis Water is on a mission to unlock the potential of water desalination by developing a revolutionary desalination battery. ChloBis Water’s technology combines the functions of salt removal, energy generation and storage, and commodity chemical production to address challenges at the intersection of the water-energy nexus. ChloBis Water’s innovative electrode fabrication process has enabled the construction of a device with exceptional stability and energy-efficiency, making desalination accessible in places where it’s not today.

We are a startup based in Madison, WI supported by the National Science Foundation, Activate fellowship program, and climate tech investors, looking to grow our team. We are passionate about using innovative science to improve affordable access to fresh water and have created a supportive and collaborative environment that encourages the generation of new and creative ideas to solve problems.

Position Summary

As a Senior Electrochemical Engineer, you will be responsible for the hands-on design, testing, characterization, and optimization of electrochemical flow cells and stacks.

Primary Job Responsibilities

  • Lead the development and testing of novel electrochemical flow cells and stacks

  • Design, perform, analyze, report and present findings of experiments

  • Develop, verify, and refine basic electrochemical cell models and utilize the results to inform test plans, process conditions, and overall cell development

  • Design and assemble experimental test setup and various key cell components and troubleshoot hardware, system, and software issues as needed

  • Analyze experimental data and present results to the broader team

  • Identify new approaches to improve cell and process performance

Key Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in electrochemical engineering, chemistry, materials science, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering or related discipline

  • 5 years of experience in the development of electrochemical flow cells

  • Hands-on and direct experience working with electrodialysis, fuel cell, electrolyzer, and/or flow battery technologies

  • A strong knowledge of engineering fundamentals in electrochemistry, fluid dynamics, chemical kinetics, and materials

  • The ability to adapt, build, and refine or innovate experimental tools

  • Strong oral and written communication skills

  • Ability to work collaboratively on a cross-functional team in a flexible, fast-paced startup environment

  • Enthusiasm for bringing a new technology to market and willingness to pitch in wherever help is needed

Additional Qualifications Desired

  • Experience in design of experiments

  • A safety-first mindset: share potential risks with others before they result in hazardous outcomes

  • A desire to challenge yourself and take on increasing responsibilities as the company grows


  • Stock options

  • Health insurance stipend to provide coverage for you and your family

  • Generous paid time off policy

  • A team of curious, passionate, kind, and courageous people committed to revolutionizing the water desalination industry

  • Unparalleled opportunities for growth, leadership, and project ownership in a dynamic and rapidly-growing startup company

To apply please send a resume and cover letter to

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