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Margaret Lumley, Co-Founder of ChloBis, was Awarded the Activate Fellowship for Startup Founders

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Dr. Margaret Lumley, CEO and co-founder of ChloBis Water, was selected for the two-year Activate fellowship, which supports fellows with a full-time living stipend, mentorship, entrepreneurial education, access to funders and industry experts, and funding to access the facilities they need to turn their research into a first product.

“This fellowship provides time, resources, and mentorship so that I can start my entrepreneurial journey as I build ChloBis and bring my research to market,” said Dr. Lumley.

The Activate Fellowship is the premier program for science entrepreneurs to turn their breakthrough research into businesses. For Dr. Lumley, this means working to develop a revolutionary energy-efficient water desalination technology. She has spent the last eight years tackling challenges at the intersection of the water-energy nexus as an electrochemistry researcher.

Through her startup, ChloBis Water, Dr. Lumley’s work to innovate water technology is intended to ultimately become a commercialized system that improves affordable access to fresh, clean water.

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