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ChloBis Water's technology selected for Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Grant

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Addressing the Environmental Impacts of Chloride in Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent

Photo courtesy of Bryce Richter/University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment is a competitive grant program that funds ideas that embody the Wisconsin Idea; the notion that the knowledge and solutions generated at UW-Madison should benefit the people of Wisconsin, the nation, and the world. When we learned that our local wastewater treatment plant was dealing with a salt problem, we realized we had the chance to embody the Wisconsin Idea right here in our hometown. Chloride, a major component of salt, is harmful to freshwater aquatic species if the concentration gets too high. Chloride is known to be difficult to remove once it is in the water; a fact that we are planning to change through the development of our desalination battery. By forming partnerships with a local engineering firm, wastewater treatment plant, and pickle plant, we will be able to accelerate the commercialization of our technology to realize the Wisconsin Idea.

Read the complete list of selected projects here:

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