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Revolutionary Electrochemical Technologies for 


And Wastewater Treatment by ChloBis Water, Inc.


Hello! We are ChloBis Water, Inc.  

Our vision is to transform the way the world approaches water desalination through the development of a revolutionary energy-efficient technology called a desalination battery.

The desalination battery removes salt from water while simultaneously using salt ions to store/release energy, making our technology uniquely positioned to address challenges at the intersection of the water-energy nexus.

The salt removed from water is then converted into valuable chemicals, creating a sustainable resource recovery cycle.

Water desalination technologies play a critical role in addressing issues related to both water scarcity and water quality. However, the high energy required for conventional desalination methods and the production of a concentrated waste product called brine makes desalination impractical for many applications. ChloBis Water is on a mission to develop a technology that can overcome these limitations to make desalination affordable and accessible in places that it’s not today.





Like conventional secondary batteries, the desalination battery stores and releases energy during the charging and discharging processes, but in the desalination battery, the energy storage and release processes are coupled with the removal and release of Na and Cl, enabling energy-efficient, membrane-free desalination.


Ion Removal and Recovery

The Bi-based desalination battery can also be used for Cl-specific removal and recovery from municipal and industrial
wastewater. The Na-storage electrode can be replaced with other electrodes to enable Cl-specific removal from a variety of feedwater types. The removed Cl can be recovered and valorized to produce Cl-containing chemicals.

aqueous battery.png

Aqueous Energy Storage

The aqueous rechargeable Na-ion battery system uses abundant and eco-friendly seawater as the electrolyte while current Li-ion batteries use solvents that are flammable and toxic. Our sheet-type ion-storage electrodes and cost-effective battery design reduce the overall cost of energy storage while also improving battery safety. 

Abstract Water

supports us

Our technology is only possible because of research funding and municipal and industrial supporters.

Their support enables us to develop creative and innovative electrochemical systems to make an impact on challenges at the intersection of the water-energy nexus. If you are interested in becoming a supporter, we encourage you to contact us directly.


"We've just taken the first step

toward creating an innovation

that will change the world."

Come join us and

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Thank you.

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